Seifukan Children’s Programme

The Seifukan dojo believes that children are the greatest natural resource that our community has. This belief is reflected in our martial arts programme forchildren, which focuses on the concept of being the best you can be. We teach children the philosophy of "walking away" from a confrontation whenever possible, but to defend ones self if forced into a situation with no other options.

At the Seifukan, building confidence, self-esteem and encouraging self-discipline are the main goals of our children’s curriculum. Self-defence is the pathway we utilise to achieve these goals. In this way, before children acquire the skills of self-defence, they have already learned to use them responsibly.

Confidence is achieved by developing the ability "to do." When children are taught a technique and then, through practice, can perform it, they develop confidence. This sense of confidence transfers to all areas of the child’s life. At the Seifukan, we stress positive affirmation. Believing in themselves and knowing they "can do it," makes children feel good about themselves.

At the Seifukan we believe in having a "winning attitude," not a “win at any cost attitude.” No one is ever left out on our team, everyone plays, and our team is a winning team. We encourage students to develop their own goals, and then help them to develop the skills they need to achieve those goals. This is part of the winning attitude. We believe in our children and praise them for the hard work they do.

The other key ingredient at the Seifukan is Fun!

Benefits: Develop Oneself Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and to be of Good Character.

Physical Development: The Seifukan’s Curriculum of martial arts includes a built in system for the improvement of one’s physical abilities. Our system includes physical fitness, athletic ability, self-defence skills, enhancement of one’s speed, power, and flexibility, and the development of well rounded and versatile martial artists.


Mental Development: The Seifukan’s teaching system develops the individual’s abilitiy to focus and concentrate. To become highly skilled in the martial arts, one must be centred and focused, and the learning process emphasises both these abilities through development of the student's concentration skills. Martial arts helps to develop strong minds by teaching that anything is possible. This is what develops a "Yes, I Can" attitude.

Spiritual Development: Martial Arts teaches determination. Students learn to believe in themselves and what they are doing, and to never give up. They learn to put faith in their instructor’s ability to guide them to their next level of accomplishment and in their own ability to reach that level.
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